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FinTech Intrapreneur

"Intrapreneurship is the act of behaving like an entrepreneur while working within a large organisation"

Peter is the Global Head of Methods & Capabilities at HSBC in London. In this, he is a FinTech Intrapreneur with a keen interest in Data, Tech, Agile Delivery and Team Behaviours & Dynamics


Summits, Events & Conferences

Keynote Talks & Experts Panels

Peter is regularly invited to speak and take part in industry-wide conferences. Testing the boundaries of established process within Financial Services for Transformation, Innovation and Technology

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The 2nd Electronic Payments & Online Banking Summit

BAHRAIN  11-12th March 2019

Covering innovative new financial and banking technologies, including digital banking, FinTech, mobile wallets, and internet banking

Keynote - The Future of Your Bank

The history of economic growth, mechanisms for change and inspirations for reinvention

How to take a new perspective on rapid transformation, mindsets and better ways of working. Peter talks about the history of economic growth that formed organisational expertise (but also silos), new ways of Thinking, how to avoid the pitfalls of metrics & targets, and where to look for inspirations in your reinvention

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3rd December 2018

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30-31st October 2018

How do you future proof your skills?

Expert Panel

  • What are your jobs of the future?

  • Do the people who can do these jobs exists today?

  • How can make sure our skills match up?

  • How can our children prepare for jobs that haven’t been created yet?

  • Should we all just be history majors and hope for the best?

  • This Festival is all about technology – but should we be bringing more humanities grads into the industry?

  • Back to tech – what tech skills do we need?

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Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security, Social Conference

2nd May 2018

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“IT alignment” has for some time been, and continues to be, a major challenge for IT leaders. This idea of “aligning” the IT group with the rest of the organisation is a persistent puzzle that causes many IT leaders to lose sleep. Yet despite the unrelenting attention to this topic, a clear working template or solution doesn’t appear to be any more evident.

How can IT align with the business when the business itself does not have a strategy in place? Should they be separate strategies or can they be created as one? This session aims to identify the key challenges IT and digital leaders face and how this can ultimately be overcome.

"I was blown away by the panel that started the day off"

John Carragher

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Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 20.45.33.png

No matter how often it has been addressed, talent remains a key issue for IT and LOB leaders. However, it is not finding the talent which presents the challenge, but instead acquisition and retention of these individuals in an ever increasingly competitive world. The key to this is understanding the mindset of the talent pool and creating a brand to attract the new generation and providing an environment for them to flourish.

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"Can't believe how articulate and suave his delivery was..."

John Carragher

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