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Presenter & Facilitator

High quality, tailored and personalised productions

Broadcast Presenter

As an experienced broadcast presenter and host Peter brings a light hearted, conversational and dynamic vibe to any production. Always thoroughly researched and informed Peter takes particular delight in sharing this with audiences. A particular strength is his naturally inviting and assuring demeanour that really brings out the best in any interview

Broadcast Presenter Peter O'Hanlon
Team of Announcers

Live Sports Commentator

Highlighting the colour and spectacle of a race or event will always be a sacred and treasured role for Peter. He loves the energy and excitement that comes with competition and take particular pleasure in sharing this with audiences via TV, Radio and local stadium PA.

Event Host and Facilitator

Years on stage facilitating conferences at major banks across the city of London have clearly generated a great enthusiasm for Peter in stage work of all kinds. He confidently and impartially (where necessary!) manages event goals, seeking out energetic audience participation so that everyone involved really benefit

Facilitator On Stage
Voice Over Artist

Voice Artist

Professionally trained at the Showreel in London, Peter prides himself on his high standards and creative approach.

He's recently had great success and a lot of fun with adverts, corporate reads and narratives. Working most recently with Standard Chartered Bank, Quattro Media and World Rowing.

Event Host Tower

"They're ratcheting up the rating... who has time for parish announcements"

"Repechage, Repechage, Repechage"

Announcer tower view

"Passing Mahiki's, where precisely one person is watching the racing"

Commentator Peter O'Hanlon
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